Wedding Trousseau

Nearly all brides are at sixes and sevens about what exactly should go into their “trousseau”. Few think it’s randomly purchasing Indian and western outfits with some makeup products, but it is not limited to that alone. It’s purely based on the bride’s personal choice, her future lifestyle, personalisation of outfits and the list goes on. However, wedding trousseau shopping isn’t a headache unless you get the proper guidance and support.

To make it more relaxing and fun, we have a couple of talented trousseau planners who have been designing well-customized bridal trousseau for more than a decade. Wedding trousseau shopping can’t get any better than this for sure!

First of all, bridal trousseau planning necessitates recognizing the intrinsic style of our future bride and redefining it in a way that suits well with their lifestyle. We assist the future couple in every way we can which definitely includes helping them to shop for excellent outfits for all the events.

Helping them with every minute detail of their wedding clothes and creating a right look for every occasion is our prime goal. In addition to that, we help clients with exhilarating shopping experiences through personalized expedition that include personal introductions to exclusive bridal boutiques, professional embroiderers and being a helping hand with the entire process of personal wedding shopping.

All of this will be done keeping in mind the client’s budget, personality, skin tone, weight and external features. All these elements are taken into consideration with the aim that they gain confidence in their overall look on one of the most important days of their life.

One thing we assure is that you will not just have the experience of shopping. You’ll experience much beyond shopping!

One of the best options we suggest for brides-to-be is to look through all of their mother’s traditional beautiful old sarees and other traditional wear before they start to plan their trousseau. These beautiful old pieces could easily be improved and made into new outfits that match the bride’s taste. It’s better to use old borders, exquisite and pure fabrics and turn them into beautiful contemporary pieces with nostalgia rather than wasting money on new traditional outfits.

Apart from clothes, it is very much necessary to pay attention to accessorizing wedding trousseau for the Indian bride with valuable jewelry. For honeymoon, shoes, belts, scarves and bags come in handy.  Quality makeup and hair products like shampoo, conditioner, a serum that suit the bride’s skin tone and hair type are also equally crucial for bridal makeup trousseau. For brides who are extra worried about their weight or feeling low by their height, we help you choose outfits and footwear that will help you look slim and make you look taller than the usual.

Another point that should be noted is, trousseau packaging is one of the most important aspects of the entire planning process. Such fancy outfits and makeup products in a cheap quality package would be considered futile and is a great no to any bridal makeup trousseau. Therefore, we ensure packaging is done properly using a stunning trousseau box perfect to showcase your crafted luxury objects of desire. A big occasion absolutely calls for a spacious trousseau box!

Our smart trousseau planner ensures that your beautiful trousseau is packed in the most elegant and exquisite way so that you proudly display it in front of everyone!

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We understand you and since the trend’s changing we do not fail to impress you with the fabulous wedding trousseau for the Indian bride that best suits your lifestyle!

We understand you and since the trend’s changing we do not fail to impress you with the fabulous wedding trousseau for the Indian bride that best suits your lifestyle!