Entertainment and Games – how much fun would this be to have at your wedding! Apart from wedding rituals like mandap ceremony, varmala ceremony which are going to be really boring and monotonous, why not incorporate some fun games at your wedding weekend to entertain all your buddies and well-wishers out there? Let’s not make the wedding the usual run-of-the-mill affair and we are pretty sure most of you would not settle for such typical traditional Indian wedding for that matter.  You can add some essence of fun and craziness to entertain your guests and to make it a memorable one.

To ensure that, our team is more than ready to set up things for you and provide all the wedding entertainment services to showcase your talent as per your budget. But before we decide on what kind of Indian wedding entertainment should be displayed, we take a general poll on various entertainment options and games from your guests. The ones which are chosen by the most will be the entertainment option for your big day.

But the biggest challenge here is what you love doing may not be enjoyed by your guests. We understand it’s your special day, but isn’t it awesome when your guests are enjoying your wedding party just as much as you are?

So let’s begin by coming up with some general categories first, such as dancing, wedding games, props, music, videos- we’ll go deep into specifics later!

Once you decide on the type of wedding entertainment, you have to give us a clear idea about the number of guests and the venue for your shaadi so that we decide on an activity that will involve all of your guests so that we can enjoy together.

Don’t freak out if you are not sure about how many guests will appear for your wedding, just give us the rough number and we are all set.

All the Fun, Games, & Entertainment!

Coming to the type of entertainment, if you’re planning on a more classic party, perhaps all you need is a music entertainment – the DJ. These days, DJ and live bands are trending and are enjoyed by the most. But the most convenient option would be a great DJ. No much utilisation of space would be required and the price to setup would be reasonable.

If the venue is small and if you’re planning for an intimate event, hire some professional dancers who can dance for some amazing Bollywood songs. If any of your guests are really good at dancing or singing, even they can perform as it will be more fun to watch your loved ones to see on stage.

To make it more creative, we install photo booths in the venue for small photo sessions with your friends and relatives.

In wedding ceremonies with a long list of guests, it’s usual for guests to not know each other well, especially if your list includes friends from different cities and even countries, work colleagues, extended family and so on. To make them feel comfortable and get to know each other, we have come up with amusing indian wedding games. One amazing wedding game amongst this is where you spread a few icebreaker cards around the room, also called as “Icebreaker game”. The cards can have challenges that encourage people to interact with one another. For example: asking you to dance on a certain song. This game is simple, super fun and you can make the cards on your own.

Our creative team here gives people a chance to socialize, relax and party as well by suggesting a wide range of Indian wedding entertainment and game options to all of you.

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We sprinkle the basic ingredients that are fun, joy, excitement to make it one hell of a big celebration!

We sprinkle the basic ingredients that are fun, joy, excitement to make it one hell of a big celebration!