It is rightly said that a large part of planning a wedding event revolves around the food you intend on having for your guests. Oftentimes, delicious food can help make an event even more memorable. When it comes to catering for a wedding, it’s not only about the menu and quality of dishes, but it’s much beyond that.  It could be treated as a symbol of gratitude and thankfulness towards our guests.

Apart from food and beverages, an inevitable choice made by us is the high-quality raw materials. Trucks, packing case of dishes and glasses, tables and chairs, tablecloth, decoration stuff, kitchen furniture, thermal boxes to transport raw materials, carts, umbrellas are few of those which are fundamental to this grand event.  It is crucial for you all to know that the amount of commitment and effort we put in our work is a rare scene, which is why we say our service is one of the finest wedding catering services in India. We care as much as you care about the wedding catering and wedding menu.

Wedding catering services are definitely going to be a very tedious job without proper organization and coordination. A well cooperating teamwork would be necessary to manage all the little things that would be required to do at the last minute. This is the main reason why we carefully select our suppliers, maintain a good rapport with them so that we need not have to worry about the quality.

The look of the dish is not the only criteria for an ideal wedding catering but how it is served impeccably becomes an important thing.

It is vital for us to have a team of waiters who know us personally, that work with us often and they know how to do their job without our guidance. Our top-notch waiters of catering services in Delhi are able to serve a buffet, know how to make a table service, have a clear knowledge of wines they are serving and know to please the guests with their talking skills. Our service staff has grown with us, there are active youngers, very energetic and are highly professional. We have appointed a responsible person in each service to take care of every little thing so that there’s absolutely no issue from our end. We want each and everything to be perfect during the wedding and that’s why we train our service staff all the time.

The most important thing for an impeccable service is a smile. We wear a smile on our face as it can make the person at the front to feel better. For this, we work with our waiters so that everything is consistent with our main goal: offering a catering service of a high standard along with few etiquettes that they got to follow.

Menu Selection Planning

As most of you know that wedding food and beverages constitute the most expensive part of the overall wedding budget, it’s very important to execute a creative menu planning at an affordable price range. Hunting for a good caterer is definitely way high up on the wedding to-do list to create a menu tailored to your requirements.

We focus on choosing the finest of the fine caterers to meet all your expectations and needs especially when it comes to menu selection planning.

In addition to that, we schedule meetings and even food tasting sessions with some of the remarkable chefs and caterers in town to assist you with the wedding menu selection.

At your discretion, we could personalize the menu by creative menu planning, the design, arrangement of dishes and even its presentation for your perfect wedding menu planning. These prior arrangements will not only help you in making the right choice but helps you gain the confidence on your big day! You will actually possess an idea about how it will look like at your wedding.

Making Food Scrumptious!

Apart from this, we also manage both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, helping you with the best drinks that can be served while menu selection planning is done. We also ask for your suggestion about what kind of bar setup you need, ultimately your choice is our top priority.

One of the important factors that we consider is the kind of wedding you’re planning to have, be it a formal or casual event. We don’t really prioritize outdoor venue over the indoor venue, what matters is the right setup and the way food is presented in front of the guests.

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With a central team that stands as a pillar who are so hardworking, we have definitely reached new heights by working at your service!

With a central team that stands as a pillar who are so hardworking, we have definitely reached new heights by working at your service!