Wedding Theme

From a grand entry to the very melodramatic exit, we’ll make sure that everything about your wedding is perfect. Also, particularly, the entrance of the bride, and the groom as this when all the guests, family, relatives, and friends line up to see the finesse of the heavenly made couple. Especially, all the eyes on the bride, the lady of the hour.

Since it’s their big day, the wedding theme and the entrance must be a stupendous one. To make the bride and groom’s most vital stroll of life, significantly more, grander, tasteful, our Wedding Planner Company outlines the whole wedding theme.

From walking into the entrance flanked by the diyas to kathak artists forming a welcome gesture with sparkle and sprinkle showered by the relatives to the dreamy fairytale-like chariot, we have plenty of wedding themes & concepts.

Themed Wedding Entries

Every girl’s childhood dream is to walk the aisle in a dramatic and beautiful way. That’s why we specialize in themed wedding entries. It wouldn’t matter if you want to be the bold badass bride coming in a decorated rickshaw and fireworks all over. Or, if you are the elegant one who wishes to come on a Palkhi with flowers and shehnais orchestrated along your way, we can help you perceive anything.

Along with the entry ideas, we will also curate special songs to make your entry in the room felt. Taking the full help of music and beautiful lights, a grand entry for both the bride and the groom is promised by our side. You just need to tell what is your idea of your perfect wedding and we will make something never observed.

After working with dozens of beautiful couples, we now perfectly visualize your wedding which you’ve been dreaming of for so long. It wouldn’t matter if you demand a special request or if you’re thinking something out of the box, we’ll get it done for you no questions asked.

Our team is dedicated to helping you plan your wedding day no matter what your budget is. It’s number one for real weddings and great planning ideas for the couple entry, wedding theme, and much more. If you want to come to your wedding on a Crane, or just to want to run with a couple of cute dogs, we’re up for it.


Wedding Dance

From your first dance as the newly wedded couple right up until the last relative has left the dance floor – you’ll want everyone up and dancing and having a great time at your wedding, sangeet, or at the reception.

Have you ever considered having all of them choreographed by professionals? Being the best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR, we have the best contacts and the best wedding tracks to plan all the wedding dances.

Partnering up with the most energetic dance companies and groovy DJs, we’ll make sure that there’ll be a whole lot more than toe-tapping going on on your special day. From choreographies to last-minute rehearsals, everything will happen flawlessly. Types of Wedding Dance Choreographies offered :


  • Bride and groom couple dance
  • Multiple couples together
  • Solo Dance Performance
  • Boys only group dancing
  • Girls only group dancing
  • Girls and boys mixed dance groups
  • Grandparents couple dancing
  • Parents, Aunts, and Uncles combined dance performances

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We manage your guest list and create a happy and enjoyable place for them. Why are we here? To make your task of being a bride or groom easier!

We manage your guest list and create a happy and enjoyable place for them. Why are we here? To make your task of being a bride or groom easier!