Sarthak and Lavanya’s Wedding

Sarthak and Lavanya’s Wedding

We always had a plan to have a simple yet elegant destination wedding with all the spark of tradition. So, we found the Rajasthali Resort in Jaipur to be the perfect choice for the auspicious occasion.

And that was just all we had to do. The rest was managed by Nidhi Puneja, the amazing wedding planner. Our destination wedding was planned for a 2 – day event at the Rajasthali resort with back to back affairs of pre-wedding traditions and DJ nights.

Day 1

Starting the occasion at the Jaipur resort, we first had a delicious welcome food organized by the most amazing and co-operative staff of the resort. Their services were speechless. After the welcome lunch was done, we went on to have a Rajasthali Mela theme Mehndi planned for a traditional wedding.

It was more of my dream to get hitched with the most traditional essence and luckily Sarthak was like-minded too. And fortunately, I can say that Nidhi Puneja’s wedding planner team made a dream come true for me and Sarthak. Their efforts were outstanding and every minute wish of mine for a dream destination wedding was fulfilled making it the most perfect destination wedding.

The overwhelming sangeet night will always remain the best part of our 2-day wedding events. The DJs created a fun-filled musical night entertaining each of our guests.

Day 2

The next day was our auspicious day of life and perfectness of the day reflected in each and every embellished corner. Each of our wedding events was planned at different locations making it enthusiasm filled one for our friends, family, and guests.

Talking about my D-day preparation, I must say I was quite nervous like any other bride, the thoughts of keeping everything from my hairdo and makeup to grand wedding dress immaculate were constantly on mind. Thanks to everyone who helped me turn into a beautiful bride.

Wrap Up

Choosing a perfect destination, and the best wedding planner for your most auspicious day is important to watch it turn memorable and splendid one. And we are very happy and at the same time fortunate to have made the perfect choice of destination as well as the Wedding planner for our auspicious day.

We really appreciate all the endeavors of Nidhi and team to having turned our day to the most adorable and memorable one, a one that will be rejoiced not only by us but by all our guests too for a long time to go. Thanks for all the endeavors that are worth each penny spent. It was really a great experience for us!

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