Rishi and Ridhi’s Wedding

Rishi and Ridhi’s Wedding

We chose Nitish Kunj in Delhi as our event spot for our auspicious occasion, this unusual itinerary turned out to be the perfect choice for our wedding, as the wedding was a 2- day affair, we needed the best venue that could accommodate our long-listed guests.

We desired of a designer wedding and everything was perfectly designed as I and Riddhi imagined. It was more of a dream wedding for us to rejoice in our union.

Day 1

The events kick-started with a great bash at the elegant property since it was a two – day affair, things seemed to be more exciting for the upcoming events. The guests who attended the wedding since the day one were very much pleased and appreciated the glamour.

Our close friends, family and important guests were going on to the count of 200 and everyone there was served with the same courtesy. I must say, things were going exactly as I imagined. Riddhi was amazed by the embellished property at first but then their service had her amazement again.

The first day was all for the pre-wedding ceremonies where I and Riddhi were sharing moments of love before getting into a new relationship with our families and close friends. In fact, we were sharing moments with the people we love and care. The auspicious event turned out to be the most precious moments of our lives. And, this wouldn’t have been possible without Nidhi Puneja and her team.

Nidhi, our wedding planner has proved her tag to be the “best” as she went to do everything pretty immaculately and, in a way, we desired the things to be. Her team was quite co-operative too.

Day 2

The next day was our most important day, the day we are bonding into a new relationship. Both I and Riddhi were nervous and at the same time excited too, for the new beginning of our life together. And thanks to Nidhi for making this auspicious day the most memorable one for us.

From the little flower decorations to huge embellished lightning, everything was perfect and eventually, the glamour of the day reflected in our happiness and the smiles on our faces.

The wedding was attended by around 1000 guests and the event had everyone amazed. I am short of words to describe the appreciations I received for the choices made from event spot to the decorations, to the wedding planner and everything else. Everyone had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

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