Mansi and Arvind’s Wedding

Mansi and Arvind’s Wedding

Setting an example of an elegant and fun-filled destination wedding, our wedding was one of the biggest weddings of the year 2017 in Jaipur, JW Marriott. I and Mansi were happy to have such an amazing destination planned for our big day. The destination was all good vibes for us and the environment was quite co-operative and pleasing for our guests who arrived to attend the wedding.

Our wedding was planned in a set of events that included the pre-wedding ceremonies and ended up with a perfectly elegant and royal wedding. We felt really lucky to have things going perfect in a way we desired them to go, and all this had been possible because of Nidhi Puneja, one of the best wedding planners. All the efforts from her side and the staff were really appreciable.

Describing the journey of our splendid wedding, I would say it all started with a ….

Welcome lunch to Sufi Night

We were warmly welcomed with a luscious lunch at the fantastic destination and the arrangements were already immaculately done that gave me and Mansi our fantasy wedding vibes. Later there was a Sufi night planned that had all of us enjoying the music.

Moroccan Mehndi and evening in Paris Sangeet

Giving the wedding a traditional essence, we also had the mehndi and sangeet events planned that actually was a fun and entertaining part for our friends, relatives, and guests. This was also perfectly planned out by Nidhi and her team to give us that traditional Indian touch to the wedding. All our guests including us thoroughly enjoyed it until the end.

And Finally, the Royal Wedding!!!

After all the successful events, came the very much awaited and beautiful moment of mine and Mansi’s life, the wedding moment. We were very much delighted with our wedding attires too. I have no words to describe the beauty of the moment, my eyes were constantly cherished by the decoration, location, and overall, I can say my bliss could be seen in every corner there.

Everything was so perfect that I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was, fortunately, the reality of the life that was so impressively planned by Nidhi and other staff, I really appreciate their work and I felt every moment of my wedding gamut was worth every penny spent.

Concluding it with a heartfelt thanks to Nidhi Puneja and her complete staff for making it a memorable Royal wedding. After all, life gives you very few precious moments to make them memorable and cherished, so why not make the most out of each.

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