Aakriti and Sambhav’s Wedding

Aakriti and Sambhav’s Wedding

The beautiful Jaypee Green and Spa Resort in Greater Noida filled with greenery and freshness were the hosts for our auspicious occasion. They have been very co-operative since most of the guests and relatives were arriving from Ludhiana for the two-day event.

To be getting into this new relationship with friends and families, at such lovely spots, we must say that we are very lucky and fortunate.

Day 1

Qawali Night with all our close friends and family was the first day. This special occasion in our lives was being shared with the people we love and care about. Both, me and Sambhav couldn’t have been any happier than this.

Every little detail was just as I had imagined. The resort staff was more than courteous to provide support on anything and everything. We went on to hire one of the best wedding planners, Nidhi Pupneja to organize the entire event and I’m very happy about making that decision.

The first day was almost over with our beloved people gathered to bless us and enjoy the occasion with us. However, I was nervous for the next day since it would be a huge advancement in our lives. Tomorrow we were about to start our relationship officially and the two families – Garg and Agarwal families were going to move forward from being friends to relatives.

Day 2

From the smallest flower décor to the biggest cherry blossom with gold finishing on my special day with this team was gorgeous. I’m at a loss of words to describe the beautiful way they presented the floral work. The entire support staff from Nidhi’s side was worth every penny. They ensured that everything went just as we wanted for our special day.

Bridal make-up was done by Amrit Kaur. Honestly speaking, makeup should not cover one’s beauty but highlight it and Amrit did just that. She made sure that there was no overwhelming makeup but just sufficient enough to enhance the already beautiful bride’s beauty perfectly for the occasion.


The stage we stood on was being entertained by the rocking Guru Randhawa, Zikr Band, and the sensational DJ Amit. To brighten up our special day further, the music they played was really soothing to our ears to relieve any stress, even as little as possible. We are obliged to thank them too for their performance along with the organizers who made our engagement a memorable day for not only us but for everyone present there.

Special thanks to the team who put in all the efforts in the world to provide support on every step whenever and wherever necessary for both of us.

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