Pre-Wedding Photography

In this modern era of Instagram, Facebook, don’t you think weddings are all about happy, romantic photographs? I’m sure most of you will graciously agree to this!

If you’re planning to get married anytime soon, we bet a million dollars that you’ll have tons of plans ready in your mind to make it a perfect fat Indian Wedding! And we believe the most exciting part of this would undoubtedly be your pre-wedding photoshoot!

From beautiful candidshots to graceful poses, we are present to capture every single moment that will surely captivate your heart. Our motto is – let the true colors shine brighter than ever.

As a matter of fact, it’s a growing trend amongst the current youth where the engaged couples are all set for a pre-wedding shoot with their casual clothes on in a very impressive location. As it is a fairly new trend, we are here to create a memorable moment before driving them away.

Usually, we see the couples rushing all over the place and totally slammed as most of the pictures are taken with their dear ones on the day of their wedding. Hats off to the person who started this vogue for a better reason!

Every couple is unique and will have plenty of ideas when it comes to their pre-wedding photography.  So, here we are to erase all the dilemmas that you have. From perfect location and outfit to amazing poses, we have a couple of suggestions ready which will literally drive you crazy!

Below are the popular options that we have observed over the years that has led to a perfect pre-wedding shoot:

Perfect Locations

Many people choose to have a beach photoshoot, some dream of street photography, and there are a few who prefer to go to an exotic place for a perfect picture moment. Whatever it may be, we provide classy pre-wedding photography services that take the responsibility of smallest of the small things that will give a cohesive look and feel to your lovely photoshoot.

Suitable Themes

We pick the right themes depending on the personality of the couple that we get to see. Most of them who share interests similar to us, prefer to have a unique, goofy theme like miniature pre-wedding photo shoot which is in trend currently.  People who are really fond of pets would want a cute furry face in the frame.

And we have themes for the melodramatic couples too who are movie buff and prefer “Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge” kind of iconic themes to recreate it for their special shoot. We have personalized props for all the desirable themes that will add a tinge of beauty to the picture.

We understand how important this is for a couple who pledge togetherness for a lifetime. That’s why we are here at your doorstep to provide the best pre-wedding photography services which is much beyond your expectations.

From the best photographers in India to every small detail like high definition lens for the DSLR, best equipment for the photography will be taken care of by our photography head. All you have to do is sit back and celebrate this joyous moment in every possible way you can and not miss on a single moment.

Even if you miss, not to worry, we are here to make you feel nostalgic in an amazing way that will bring tears of joy.

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