About Us

Nidhi is hailed as a creative visionary whose unique ideas, designing knacks and rich experience when combined delivers nothing but the best. She strongly believes that planning and organizing a wedding is like narrating a story, and its key lies in the minute details. Together, we are committed to one task – to ensure that your special day lives beyond your expectations! By playing close attention to all the nitty-gritties of your wedding, we ensure that you can soak in the magnificence of the day, be with your families & friends, and have the best time of your life.

Know About Us

Renowned as the perfect wedding planners across the globe, we specialize in planning and organizing weddings in Delhi/NCR as per your budget. In a nutshell, we promise to make your wedding a completely unique and stylish yet an elegant affair so it remains etched in your memory forever!

We have a team of dedicated, highly experienced and talented group of wedding planners, assistant wedding coordinators, executive staff for ground work, logistics, etc., for the perfect event.

Know About Nidhi

Nidhi Pupneja – CEO and Founder of “Bliss Weddings” is veteran wedding planner with ten years of experience and expertise in planning and organizing weddings at your choice of venue. With her immaculate eye for detail, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of event planning, decoration as well as concept design.

Client Testimonials

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients in making their wedding a posh affair. Don’t believe us? Read on our client testimonials to find out their experience with us.

She is wonderful to work with, and is exactly what you need in a wedding planner!

Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal

CEO, Vinove India pvt. Ltd.

Nidhi, thank you for everything – we are so happy because of you! THANK YOU for what has been unanimously decided THE BEST WEDDING EVER.

Mr. Ankur Agarwal

CEO, Sunchit Enterprises

We are so thankful to Nidhi and team for their expertise, kindness, and attention to detail that allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest!

Mr. Suresh Garg

CEO, Zeon Lifescience India

We will always remember the wedding day to be absolutely perfect, and Nidhi was a big part of creating that perfect memory!

Dr. Mukesh Agarawal

Sanchet Hospital

Nidhi helped us with the initial stages of planning our Yorkshire wedding. We were quite nervous about planning it from so far away but Emma was fantastic!

Mr. Arun Goyal

Chairman, UCO Bank

I am so glad I didn’t go with my initial feeling because hiring Nidhi Pupneja was one of the best decisions I ever made with regards to the entire wedding!

Mr. Hitesh Jain

CEO, Roop Polymar Pvt. Ltd.

Our Recent Weddings

We have been fortunate to plan and organize weddings in Delhi and NCR. Here’s a look at some of the weddings we planned and organized for our valuable clients.

You can also discuss your custom requirements with me and my team on a quick call. Let’s Connect.

You can also discuss your custom requirements with me and my team on a quick call. Let’s Connect.